Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Soccer Aid 2014

To be perfectly honest, this post is going to be mainly fangirling over Danny Jones and so feel free to go read another post and I'll be back with something more relevant next week. However, if you would like to waste 5 minutes of your time by watching me try and express feelings without using 'asdfghjkl' or 'omfg', then please do continue ^.^

Also if you can't be bothered to read all the writing, you can find a few pictures throughout the post which may interest you instead?

So, on Sunday, Soccer Aid happened at Old Trafford. I'm not going to go into details about what it is as you can find them here.. But to sum up, it's a charity football match played by celebrities. I was fortunate enough to be given tickets for Easter to go and overall the evening was awesome.

There was however, one negative incident which I will start with before the fangirling begins.. I wasn't going to mention this but I will, just because I kind of want the people involved to read it and feel guilty.
We had amazing seats already- right behind the goal and so far down you can actually see us multiple times on the telly- but before the game started, you were allowed to go and gather near where the players would enter the pitch. We checked this was all okay with the stewards as we were very close to other people's seats but it was all fine so we stayed. Naturally, we had decorated an England flag with Mcfly references and lyrics and really wanted Danny to see it as it had taken us ages. I just want to point out we weren't the only ones doing this, there was about 100-200 people congregated in one corner but everyone was really kind and respected one another's space. We spent about an hour waiting around then the people who's spaces we were near- not in, just NEAR- arrived to sit down. Next to us were 2 young girls, no older than 9 at the most, and the woman turned round to them and told them to leave. No please. No excuse me. Just leave. Petrified, the girls did. Normally, I would have said something but the woman did look like she would hit me if I questioned her so just continued to stay where I was- the place the stewards had told me was allowed as long as we left at kick off. The lady kept on complaining, saying that it was a 'football match, not a pop concert' to which our response was:
a) We actually got our tickets before we knew Danny was playing
b) If you're only bothered about the match then why are you concerned if we are closer to the 'pop stars' than you are
c) You told a nine year old to 'f*ck off'- therefore your opinion is invalid

I'll stop writing about them for a bit- I didn't quite realize how much I had to say.
Anyway, when the celebrities came round at the start, DANNY SAW OUR FLAG! Not only that, he took an actual picture of us on his phone.. We screamed. A lot. 

 Just after he saw us

Apart from the little incident at the start, the day generally was awesome. I've been to Soccer Aid twice before and I think this time was definitely my favourite! Our seats were by far the best we've ever sat it and it was just the most perfect Sunday evening.

I appreciate that I've been writing now for a very long time and so if you've made it this far, thanks very much! Go have a cup of tea on me ^.^ 
But I just wanted to write a quick little paragraph on Danny, which I know is so very cheesy but how can I not. Seriously, he was incredible! I spent a fairly large length of time just watching him play and flipping heck- for a nonprofessional, he was seriously good! Even my dad said he had some good crosses and my dad doesn't speak highly of anyone. If you've not seen it yet, you totally should- even if not for Danny, it was an awesome match anyway. Jack Whitehall and Adam Richman were two other of my particular favourites and of course, Mr Olly Murs. There were many professional and ex-professional footballers there too so there was something that general football fans would enjoy and honestly, it was just a really lovely, enjoyable evening. Loads of money was raised for charity and it was just awesome

 I don't really have an explanation for this..

I'm sorry that this has just been me rambling on and I do have some quite cool posts on the way soon, I just really wanted to write about Soccer Aid because it was a really great event that I recommend you consider going to in 2016 

Massive thank you to Danny for being so sweet

And to the unkind people I wrote about at the start of this post, I hope that you're either sorry or next time you have a good hair day, it rains

Thanks everyone. Cheerio Xxx

(I didn't add this originally because it's completely irrelevant but I'm going to add it anyway- Quick mention of the fact Danny was England's no.11 which is both my favourite and lucky number.. See, completely pointless. Have a nice day)

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